Could Dentures Help Me?

Find out if dentures are exactly what you’ve been looking for to replace your missing teeth.dentures

We know that when it comes to your smile you only want the very best, so it can be challenging to decide what tooth replacement to choose that will help you get your smile back. We know this is a big decision so our Gold Canyon, AZ, dentists, Dr. Jonathan Lovell and Dr. Matthew Scheerhorn, are here to help you learn more about dentures and how they work to see if they are a right fit for you.

Simply put, dentures are oral appliances that are designed to take the place of your missing teeth. Whether you have lost multiple teeth or all of your teeth, dentures are able to give you back the smile you lost. Depending on the type of dentures you receive, the dentures may be supported and held in place by the jawbone and gum tissue, which other dentures may use attachments or clasps to hold on to neighboring teeth for support.

While dentures can be a great option for a lot of people dealing with tooth loss they aren’t right for everyone. For one, this restoration is really a great option for those who are dealing with significant tooth loss. If you are only missing a single tooth you may want to consider getting dental implants or a dental bridge from our Gold Canyon cosmetic dentist instead.

Patients who are right for dentures will also need to have healthy jawbones and gum tissue. Those who have left their tooth loss go untreated for many years will have both bone loss and gum tissue deterioration. If the loss is severe enough, the jawbone might not be able to support your new set of teeth.

Again, the type of dentures you receive from us will really depend on the extent of your tooth loss. If you have complete tooth loss then you’ll benefit from full dentures. Those with some healthy remaining teeth will receive partial dentures.

Of course, dentures can also be held in place by dental implants, and patients who need to have their teeth extracted can get immediate dentures the same day as the extraction to make sure they have teeth right away while their mouth is given time to heal.

Dentures that use attachments or clasps to stay in place may be more reliable and durable than full dentures, which rely on natural suction to the gum tissue to stay put. We know that dentures can never really take the place of your teeth, but they can be a great alternative when you are dealing with significant tooth loss.

Superstition Mountain Dental in Gold Canyon, AZ, is here to provide you with the quality dental care you need. Whether you are considering your tooth loss treatment options or just need to schedule a routine cleaning, we are here for your smiles.

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