Discover The Benefits Of Dental Implants

The loss of a tooth not only changes your appearance, but can also impact your oral health. Dental implants offer an excellent way todental implants restore your smile and keep it healthy. Dr. Jonathan Lovell and Dr. Matthew Scheerhorn, your Gold Canyon, AZ dentists, explains several important benefits dental implants provide.

Implants replace your entire tooth

After you lost a tooth, the only replacement options used to be dentures or bridges. While both choices restore your smile, they only replace your tooth above your gums. A dental implant replaces your entire tooth, from the root to the crown. The implant itself is placed in a small hole your Gold Canyon dentist creates in your jawbone. Over the course of approximately three to six months, the implant bonds to the bone and becomes just as strong as your natural roots. When that process is complete, a crown is attached to the top of the implant.

Dental implants keep your jawbone strong

Your teeth roots exert pressure on your jawbone, providing the stimulation it needs to remain strong. When you lose a tooth, the section of the bone underneath begins to shrink and weaken. A receding jawbone can lead to further tooth loss and facial sagging, particularly if you've lost several teeth. Dental implants exert pressure on your jawbone, just as your natural roots do, and prevent it from shrinking and weakening.

A dental implant can prevent oral hygiene problems

After a tooth is lost, nearby teeth begin to drift toward the gap in your mouth if you do nothing to replace your tooth. As these teeth move, they begin to overlap, creating the perfect place for plaque to grow. Since it's difficult for floss or toothbrush bristles to reach these areas, cavities are more likely. A dental implant prevents overlapping, makes oral hygiene much easier and reduces your cavity risk.

Implants make biting and chewing easier

It can be difficult to bite and chew food if you've lost one or more teeth. An implant restores your ability to bite and chew normally. In fact, your implant will feel very much like the tooth you lost.

Dental implants offer an excellent tooth replace option, whether you've lost one tooth or all of them. Call Dr. Lovell and Dr. Scheerhorn, your Gold Canyon, AZ dentists, at (480) 671-7777 to schedule an appointment and learn if you're a good candidate for dental implants.

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