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By Superstition Mountain Dental
March 25, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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Properly fitted and meticulously crafted dentures offer an array of benefits, which include a boost in your self-esteem and an improvement in speech and chewing. Other benefits include keeping your other teeth in their proper positions and stop facial skin from drooping. Here at Superstition Mountain Dental in Gold Canyon, AZ, our dentists, Dr. Jonathan Lovell and Dr. Mathew Scheerhorn, use dentures to restore lost teeth while keeping your mouth healthy.

Dentures, also called false teeth, are among the most widely used teeth restoration options for missing teeth. They are usually made of metal, nylon, or acrylic and are used for replacing one or multiple teeth. Fabricated properly, they fit over your gums comfortably. Dentures also come in different types, including the following:

Partial Dentures

When the natural teeth surrounding a missing tooth aren't very strong, they can't support tooth replacement options like dental bridges. This isn't the case with partial dentures. They’re utilized for replacing one or more missing teeth. Partial dentures are fitted to the exact gum line area that they will rest. They are then fastened to the adjacent teeth to keep the dentures in place. Partial dentures aren't fastened permanently. This means that you can remove them for sleeping and cleaning.

Complete Dentures

Also called full dentures, these replace all of your natural teeth. They are fitted for the bottom and top gum line, kept in place using suction and dental adhesive. They’re also detachable like partial dentures.

Overdentures and Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are fabricated in advance before extracting the teeth and fitted right after the procedure. Your dentist in Gold Canyon, AZ, will decide how long you’ll wear them before fitting you with your actual dentures. Overdentures, on the other hand, is utilized if you can’t wear traditional dentures or if you don’t have enough natural teeth left. These are fitted over your natural teeth’s roots and rest either on the roots or on implants.

Dental Implant-Supported Dentures

These dentures are anchored and supported by dental implants. Implants are permanent fixtures that are directly anchored into the jawbone and are utilized for restoring one, multiple, or all teeth.

To Learn More About Dentures, Call Us

Arrange your appointment with Dr. Jonathan Lovell or Dr. Mathew Scheerhorn here at Superstition Mountain Dental in Gold Canyon, AZ, by dialing (480) 671-7777.

By Superstition Mountain Dental
July 18, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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DenturesFind out which kind of dentures will best be able to handle your tooth loss.

We know how frustrating it can be to find out that a tooth has to be extracted. Tooth loss is never something anyone plans for, especially in adulthood; however, it happens more often than you might think. In fact, countless adults deal with significant tooth loss. We know how scary and upsetting it can be to have to figure out what to do next, but our Gold Canyon, AZ, dentists, Dr. Jonathan Lovell and Dr. Matthew Scheerhorn, are here to tell you how dentures might be about to help.

What are dentures?

Most people know what dentures are. After all, this oral prosthetic has been around for quite some time. Of course, dentures have gotten quite a makeover through the years, using more durable, comfortable, and realistic materials to provide you with an appliance that will not just replace missing teeth but feel comfortable and look good, too.

What are the different kinds of dentures?

No matter whether you are missing some or all of your teeth, dentures can help you restore your smile. The two main types of dentures are complete dentures and partial dentures. Just as the name suggests, full dentures are designed to replace all of your missing teeth while partial dentures are meant for those who are only missing a few teeth.

Along with partial and complete dentures, there are also immediate dentures (temporary dentures that can be placed immediately following a tooth extraction) and implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures are a great option for patients who may be dissatisfied with their current dentures and how they fit, or just want a smile that won’t shift or move around. Implants can be placed within the jawbone where they will provide a strong and permanent foundation from which to support your oral prosthetic.

How long does it take to get dentures?

It usually takes about five different visits to see our Gold Canyon general dentist. This includes the consultation, taking impressions of your teeth, waiting for the dental lab to create your dentures and then coming in for a final fitting. It’s important to understand that there is an adjustment period when it comes to wearing dentures. It will take time to get used to it (at least a few weeks) and to ease into speaking and eating with your new smile.

If you are an adult dealing with tooth loss and think dentures might be the right option for you, call Superstition Mountain Dental in Gold Canyon, AZ, today to schedule a no-risk consultation with us.

By Superstition Mountain Dental
January 16, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out if dentures are exactly what you’ve been looking for to replace your missing teeth.dentures

We know that when it comes to your smile you only want the very best, so it can be challenging to decide what tooth replacement to choose that will help you get your smile back. We know this is a big decision so our Gold Canyon, AZ, dentists, Dr. Jonathan Lovell and Dr. Matthew Scheerhorn, are here to help you learn more about dentures and how they work to see if they are a right fit for you.

Simply put, dentures are oral appliances that are designed to take the place of your missing teeth. Whether you have lost multiple teeth or all of your teeth, dentures are able to give you back the smile you lost. Depending on the type of dentures you receive, the dentures may be supported and held in place by the jawbone and gum tissue, which other dentures may use attachments or clasps to hold on to neighboring teeth for support.

While dentures can be a great option for a lot of people dealing with tooth loss they aren’t right for everyone. For one, this restoration is really a great option for those who are dealing with significant tooth loss. If you are only missing a single tooth you may want to consider getting dental implants or a dental bridge from our Gold Canyon cosmetic dentist instead.

Patients who are right for dentures will also need to have healthy jawbones and gum tissue. Those who have left their tooth loss go untreated for many years will have both bone loss and gum tissue deterioration. If the loss is severe enough, the jawbone might not be able to support your new set of teeth.

Again, the type of dentures you receive from us will really depend on the extent of your tooth loss. If you have complete tooth loss then you’ll benefit from full dentures. Those with some healthy remaining teeth will receive partial dentures.

Of course, dentures can also be held in place by dental implants, and patients who need to have their teeth extracted can get immediate dentures the same day as the extraction to make sure they have teeth right away while their mouth is given time to heal.

Dentures that use attachments or clasps to stay in place may be more reliable and durable than full dentures, which rely on natural suction to the gum tissue to stay put. We know that dentures can never really take the place of your teeth, but they can be a great alternative when you are dealing with significant tooth loss.

Superstition Mountain Dental in Gold Canyon, AZ, is here to provide you with the quality dental care you need. Whether you are considering your tooth loss treatment options or just need to schedule a routine cleaning, we are here for your smiles.

By Superstition Mountain Dental
September 06, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Learn more about these popular dental restorations and how they may be able to help your smile.restorative dentistry

How much do you know about dentistry and what you need to keep your smile healthy? Not everyone knows what’s best for their smile, but guess who does? Our Gold Canyon, AZ, dentists, Dr. Jonathan Lovell and Dr. Matthew Scheerhorn, can help you if you’re dealing with damaged or missing teeth.


Who says dentures can’t give you back a healthy smile? In fact, this is one of the simplest and easiest approaches to replacing your teeth, particularly if you are dealing with total tooth loss. If you are someone who doesn’t want to undergo surgery to get a replacement tooth or you are on a budget, dentures can help restore your smile quickly and efficiently without all the fuss.

Dental Crowns

While crowns have been around for a long time, we can’t ignore the fact that they are pretty amazing. After all, they offer a variety of benefits for both the look and health of a smile. Our Gold Canyon general dentists may recommend getting a dental crown if:

  • You have a damaged or weak tooth
  • You have to undergo root canal treatment
  • You have a malformed, discolored or cosmetically flawed tooth
  • You are getting a dental bridge (crowns are placed to help support these false teeth)
  • You are getting a dental implant

Dental Implants

If you are dealing with tooth loss and don’t want to go the denture route, we also offer other amazing ways to replace your teeth. So many people are turning to dental implants to get their smiles back, and you can too. Implants are the next best thing to natural teeth and even function in much the same way to provide you with a restoration that could last you the rest of your life.

Of course, in order to get implants you have to be healthy enough for treatment. You’ll also have to undergo a couple minor surgeries and may have to wait up to one year to complete your restoration; however, our patients will tell you that it’s well worth all the time and money in the end.

Do you have questions about dental restorations? Need to schedule your next checkup? Superstition Mountain Dental in Gold Canyon, AZ, is here to provide your smile with the care it needs. Call us today!

By Superstition Mountain Dental
January 13, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Whether you are missing just a few teeth or don’t have any natural teeth left, dentures are a simple way to replace those missing teeth. denturesDepending on how many teeth are missing, you’ll need either partial or complete dentures. Partial dentures are great for patients who are missing a few teeth but who still have some natural teeth they’d like to keep. Complete dentures are necessary for patients with no natural teeth. In Gold Canyon, AZ, dentures are available from Superstition Mountain Dental where they can help you decide if dentures are right for you.

Partial & Complete Dentures

Dentures are made by taking a mold or impression of the patient’s mouth and using it to create dentures that are custom fit to the patient. Dentures should always fit snugly along the gums for the best fit, which is why it is so important to custom create dentures to perfectly match each patient. Since dentures are removable, a special dental adhesive must be reapplied daily to secure them in place. Dentures should be removed and cleaned at the end of each day.

Partial dentures are right for you if you still have healthy teeth remaining anywhere in the mouth. The dentures will be made to fit around your existing teeth and fill in the gaps where teeth are missing. Partial dentures can be used along the top or bottom row of teeth, as needed. Some patients might have partial dentures for both the top and bottom rows of teeth. Partial dentures are usually removable. Although, in some cases, partial dentures can be permanently cemented in place by your Gold Canyon dentures dentist.

As previously indicated, patients are given complete dentures when they are missing all of their teeth along the top or bottom row. A dental adhesive is always needed to secure complete dentures in place every day. There is no option to permanently cement them in place, as is sometimes possible with partial dentures. Complete dentures are right for you if you need to replace all of the teeth along either the top or bottom row or both.

Whether you are missing all of your teeth or just a few, dentures might be right for you. Dentures can give you back a full set of functioning teeth. You can eat, speak and smile again with ease. For dentures in Gold Canyon, AZ, contact Superstition Mountain Dental by calling (480) 671-7777.